Drum Samples Workshop –

Recording & Performing Artist

Dejuan has performed with many major artists, including Sting, Lenny Kravitz, Kenny Loggins, Mickey Hart and Babatunde Olatunji. He has studied and recorded with the world’s top African Drummers from “Les Ballets Africains,” Mamady Keita, Kemoko Sano and Yamousa Camara. He has also performed and taught with African Master Drummers: Babatunde Olatunge, Mamady Keita, Kemoko Sano, Yaya Diallo, and Dibo Camara.


Master Drummer & Facilitator

Dejuan’s magical talent is wonderfully captured in his DVD’s, books, and CD’s. His #1 rated instructional video series, “Hands on Drumming – Universal Keys to Hand Drumming” was reviewed as, “The best video on drum samples we have seen!” by DRUM MAGAZINE. His work as musical director of West African drum and dance ensembles, “Mystique D’Afrique” and “Drums of Fire,” was featured on Fox’s television series, “The Method Show” which also featured tracks from his World Music CD, “Around the World in Rhythm.”

A multi-faceted artist, Dejuan’s passion for excellence is evident in all aspects of his work. Whether he is performing, recording, producing or teaching, his work is always masterful.


Drum Circles & Workshops

Dejuan offers a fun & effective way to create a Unified Community from a diverse group. He provides Team Spirit Drum Sample events for Colleges, Universities and all types of schools. By making music and moving together, the “Rhythm Journey” becomes a fun filled celebration of what can be achieved as a unified group.

This dynamic program has been in demand with leading colleges, universities and community organizations nationwide since 1988. It is totally interactive, effective and fun! The program uses, besides free drum samples, the “Universal” language of drumming and dance, to bridge cultural, geographical and socio-economic boundaries. It empowers people to express themselves creatively and interact in a joyful, co-operative and exciting celebration.

drum sounds

Since the beginning of human history rhythm and dance has functioned as the glue that bonded individuals together into villages and communities. It is the core element of ceremonies and gatherings, which for centuries have created meaningful interaction, inspired community spirit, productivity and creativity. The “Rhythm Journey” makes this same community building experience available to people from all walks of modern day life, offering a sense of belonging often missing from the competitive and isolationist nature of today’s society. Anyone can participate regardless of artistic background and come away with a powerful personal experience of community.

The process of spontaneously co-creating music and dance connects us to the creative source within and to each other. We learn to really listen, communicate and support each other with a unified sense of purpose, the creation of a group song. As we move to the music we release stress, energize our bodies and dynamically explore how we connect and interact with each other. Our consciousness is brought to focus upon the present, because each moment we are creating rhythm or moving together in harmony. This level of presence and synchronicity allows us to transcend the mundane into an uplifting celebration of life. It is a celebration that carries with it the excitement of discovering the power and potential of community in action.

“Rhythm Journey” events have consistently proven to be very exciting and memorable, leaving a lasting imprint of the beauty, joy and power of community celebration. Enclosed you will find photos, drum samples free, letters and press clips from the satisfied clients of past “Rhythm Journey” events. Whether it is an orientation, community outreach program or multi-cultural celebration, we can custom tailor the program to incorporate your message, community objectives and logistical considerations. We look forward to hearing any ideas about how we can enhance your next program or special event.


Rhythm Journey is:

A Powerful Working Metaphor for Community & Team building

Multicultural Communities Coming Together in Unity and Celebration

Individuals Realizing Their Highest Potential


Benefits of Rhythm Journey Drum Circles:

Impart High Performance Team Skills

Illustrate the Value of Diversity

Promotes Health & Wellness

Creates Sense of Community

Focus on the Group Goal

Free drum samples for everyone

Morale Building through Laughter & Creativity